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Item Details


Intel E7400 (2.80G) 3mb 1066fsb C2D

PHP 5350 - USD $119

With 1 Year Shop Warranty

Posted on Oct 05, 2010 11:53:43 PM
It has been: 11 year(s), 11 month(s), 72 day(s), 17 hour(s) since this was posted, this item maybe outdated and will act as your reference.

Quick Overview

With the Wolfdale core, Intel pours more power into a Core 2 Duo package. The 45nm process allowed Intel to reduce the power needed down to 65W. Lower power means lower CPU heat, which translates to lower system heat and longer system life. They also packed more features into the chip.

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Product Description


Brand: Intel
Processors Type: Desktop
Series: Core 2 Duo
Model: BX80571E7400

PU Socket Type

CPU Socket Type: LGA 775

Tech Spec

Core: Wolfdale
Multi-Core: Dual-Core
Name: Core 2 Duo E7400
Operating Frequency: 2.8GHz
FSB: 1066MHz
L2 Cache: 3MB
Manufacturing Tech: 45 nm
64 bit Support: Yes
Virtualization Technology Support: No
Voltage: 0.85V – 1.3625V
Thermal Design Power: 65W
Cooling Device: Heatsink and Fan included

Source: PC Express

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