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Item Details


AMD Phenom II X4 925 (2.8G) 8mb

PHP 9000 - USD $200

With 10 Years Shop Warranty

Posted on Oct 04, 2010 02:24:05 PM

Quick Overview

Using the AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture, application performance is dramatically increased while reducing memory latency. The HyperTransport Technology can provide up to 16.0GB/s bandwidth to reduce system bottlenecks and the Balanced Smart Cache ensures quick access times to highly used data.

Product Description

Brand: AMD
Processors Type: Desktop
Series: Phenom II X4

Core: Deneb
Multi-Core: Quad-Core
Name: Phenom II X4 925
Operating Frequency: 2.8GHz
Hyper Transports: 4000MHz
L2 Cache: 4 x 512KB
L3 Cache: 6MB
Manufacturing Tech: 45 nm
64 bit Support: Yes
Hyper-Transport Support: Yes
Virtualization Technology Support: Yes
Thermal Design Power: 95W
Cooling Device: Heatsink and Fan included

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Source: PC Express

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Item Comments

Name: emjhay
(Rated 3 Stars)
Posted on Oct 04, 2010 02:53:30 PM

My gaming experience are well expected...

Name: emjhay
(Rated 5 Stars)
Posted on Oct 04, 2010 02:40:30 PM

What an amazing product, cost less and very cheap than others...

Name: emjhay
(Rated 4 Stars)
Posted on Oct 04, 2010 02:38:25 PM

I am really droolling on how fast this processor is...

Name: emjhay
(Rated 5 Stars)
Posted on Oct 04, 2010 02:33:06 PM

The best among the rest and very affordable than others...

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